Corporate Reconstructions

Corporate Reconstructions

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Many businesses find themselves in need of reconstructing their business activities. Typical examples include:

  • The departure of one or some of the company’s shareholders.
  • Divesting the company of a trade which has a higher risk profile than the directors would like.
  • Splitting a company so that some shareholders can take one business activity whilst other shareholders take the remainder.

There is no one way that these issues can be resolved and the solutions are often as varied as the problems themselves. However we can help resolve these issues for you. Typically a client will present the problems that they are facing and we will formulate a solution on their behalf. We will then advise on the tax consequences of what they are trying to achieve and how this may be actioned more tax efficiently.

Where necessary we will write to HM Revenue and Customs and seek clearance as well as liaise with other professional advisors in order to implement the reconstruction.


Please contact Kevin Taylor or Chris Watson on 01772 430000 or email:

Kevin Taylor  or Chris Watson for further information.