Are you missing out on R&D cash support?

New figures reveal that small businesses are failing to take full advantage of a tax break designed to boost their economic competitiveness. A report shows that less than six per cent of the UK’s smallest businesses, employing less than 50 workers, have claimed R&D tax credits. Th

A snappy start to summer

It’s been a rollercoaster year so far both politically and for tax planning, with the snap election for June and a subsequent snap Finance Act. The Treasury’s original 762-page Finance Bill – a record breaker – ended up as a slim line 148-page Act to speed its progress through Parliam

Time to listen to business

If there’s one thing we’re told it is that business doesn’t like uncertainty. Well we’ve certainly got it by the bucketload now. The outcome of the general election and the impact that has had as we enter the Brexit talks that will define our nation for generations has done little to

Pension spot checks hit the North West

If anyone thought that The Pensions Regulator (TPR) was not deadly serious when it announced spot checks would be carried out on employers to ensure they are complying with their workplace pension duties, they should think again. TPR has announced that it has carried out a series of c

Give your business a thorough health check

WNJ’s partnership with an organisation dedicated to healthy business development and growth aims to help our clients become even more successful. We’re working with The Business Clinic – a growing Preston-based community interest company set up to support companies across Lancashire.

Support service on the road to growth

A specialist business set up to provide support for representatives of a FTSE 100 wealth management company is looking to grow its team to over 100 by the end of the year with the help of WNJ. We’re working with Plus Group and its founders Mark Lamb and Scott Daniels to further develo

Time for a Brexit health check?

If there’s one thing the General Election campaign has put in sharp focus it is the fact that Brexit negotiations are not going to be easy, whoever is sitting on the British side of the table. But businesses shouldn’t just sit and wait for the outcome of those negotiations, they need

Powerhouse Fund takes off

The new £400 million Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund has been welcomed as a potential new driver of growth that will unlock commercial potential across the region. In the first four weeks after its launch more than 530 small and medium sized businesses had contacted fund managers

Meeting the challenges of the ever changing tax landscape

WNJ’s experienced team of experts are working closely with a wide range of clients on their tax issues, ensuring they are as efficient as possible. Our tax department continues to develop, with consultants Kevin Taylor and Chris Watson now taking on more prominent roles following the

Digital tax plans shelved

The Government has shelved its ‘Making Tax Digital’ plans as a result of the looming general election. The decision to drop the policy from the Finance Bill – the last to be debated before Parliament’s adjournment for the election – means the scheme could be delayed by at least a year

Celebrating the best in sport

WNJ has helped recognised the people who make sport happen in the Preston area at a very special evening of celebration. We sponsored the Secondary School of the Year category in the annual Preston Guild Hall Sports Awards. And we were delighted to hand over the award to the worthy wi

U-Turn On Self Employed Class 4 NIC Increases

The Chancellor has announced on 15 March that he would not be going ahead with his Budget proposal to increase the National Insurance Contribution rates for self-employed people. In the Budget of 8 March 2017, he announced that Class 4 NIC rate for the self-employed would rise by 1% t